Sunday, March 2, 2008

Develop Your Family Legacy

It is important for you to remember that our children come through us but they do not come for us.
There is an exercise that will enable you to see what kind of legacy you are creating with your family. As a parent we parent the way our parented us, whether we like what happen to us or not.

Today we must be aware of the things that affect our family. We have all different kinds of people entering into our families, extended family members, teachers, neighbors, TV, computers and their peers.

You know we are not the only influence in our child’s life. But we have to make sure we are the best. It is very sad today that our families’ values and morals are becoming pre-historic. We must fight for our family morals and values. But in order for us to reclaim our family we must have a plan.

If you are interested in doing this exercise please email me and I’ll send it to you put in the subject parent exercise.

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